delete route commandline linux terminal


waiting for network configuration error

I have found the cause of this is having any interfaces defined in /etc/network/interfaces ( besides lo ) defined as auto. To correct this problem, the recommended solution is to remove your interfaces from this file, and set them up with network manager. Leaving /etc/network/interfaces looking like the default:

Around 25 lines down in the file you will see a section:

NTP server install on linux

I installed NTP server on Ubuntu Server 10.04 using:

The NTP daemon seems working and listening on the 123 port.

However, I was not able to get the time from another machine:

Remove  previous version


If you have ntpd installed on another machine, you can use your first server in the servers list of your ntp.conf file, or can synchronize one time with the -q option, as follows:


Grub Booting



Finally, you can call up a specific menu interface with the configfile command as in:

Next, start GRUB, either with the grub executable you built in Linux or by rebooting with the GRUB floppy. If GRUB starts in menu mode, press c to go to command-line mode. Enter the following commands at the grub prompt:


How to Install Red5 0.9 on Ubuntu

If they aren’t already installed, add the following to /etc/apt/sources.list

Then, install some required libraries

Now, download and install Red5