delete route commandline linux terminal


Grub Booting



Finally, you can call up a specific menu interface with the configfile command as in:

Next, start GRUB, either with the grub executable you built in Linux or by rebooting with the GRUB floppy. If GRUB starts in menu mode, press c to go to command-line mode. Enter the following commands at the grub prompt:


How to Install Red5 0.9 on Ubuntu

If they aren’t already installed, add the following to /etc/apt/sources.list

Then, install some required libraries

Now, download and install Red5


Unix System Formatting Tools –

 Formating Tools

Table 7. Formating Tools

Tool Requirements Description
e2fsck Included in tomsrtbt-1.6.335 Checks an ext2 filesystem for errors
format Included with Windows 95 and Windows 98 Creates a vfat filesystem on a chosen partition
mke2fs Included in tomsrtbt-1.6.335 Creates an ext2 filesystem on a chosen partition.
mkswap Included in tomsrtbt-1.6.335 Creates a swap filesystem on a chosen partition.