PHP xdebug install

First of all install the  php-devel ,   or php56w-devel


Laravel installation – Laravel yukleme

Download the laravel package from  GIT .

install it  with composer ,


Then  create   project 

Then  give the all of  permissions  to read write  LOGS !!!




Php show errors


Php Smarty template lib

It is perfect template lib for php developers,  Easy to develop specific projects and increase speed of the project.

Code Example :

Of course  you should install your smarty  to your server. 

Quick Smarty Install
In Debian Etch:

Now you have a Smarty install. To use it, you’ll need PHP code to drive Smarty. I’ll include a sample bit of PHP code that I was working on with Mike A:


Now, for Smarty to operate you need to supply some directories (i.e. template_dir, compile_dir, cache_dir, config_dir). compile_dir and cache_dir need to writeable by the web server user so in Debian something like:

Write default.tpl into $DIR/smarty/templates/default.tpl . For example,

* 1.  Download smarty packages

* 2.  Extract  them somewhere else

* 3 . Write extration path to inside of  php.ini file,   include_path

* 4. then restart httpd

5 . Create   php file ,     (write template folder path )

6. Create Template file .




Now, moving from here would be something like:

1. Writing code to check for a navbar.txt in the current direction. If not found, stuff navbar Smarty tag with “Back up a level” that moves up one subdirectory (i.e. go to /directory/index.html if you were are /directory/author.html, and go to /index.html when you were are /directory/index.html, etc.)
2. Could proceed by designing a number of templates in Smarty for the same basic content – i.e. skin-bluesteel.tpl and then providing a user interface to switch templates.
3. Perhaps eliminate filesystem reliance and put URL’s into a database.

Map /directory to /directory/index.html, similar with /.

If not in database, display a generic 404 error. You can develop this script by calling it like
/database-script-were-writing.php/directory/index.html and then looking into
PATH_INFO from the server which will contain /directory/index.html .

Once you have this perfected, you set up apache with something like
“Alias / /var/www-sites.d/”

and everything should pretty much just work.

PHP mycryp and Mysql Togetger


php explode usage examples – split.

Use PHP’s explode.