Php5 en mod (php7-also)

After installing php modules, some are not enabled by default upon installation. One of those modules is php5-imap and php5-mcrypt is another one. You have to enable them with php5enmod command. php5enmod works just like the way a2enmod works for Apache.

  … php5dismod, just like a2dismod works.   enabled php modules with…   […]

Php Opcache (Php performance Increase – Cache Optimization)

A few words about the OPcache. “OpCode Cache“. “APC” is one of them. “Zend OPcache” is another one; and this Zend OPcache (or OPcache for short) is built into php 5.5, not APC. The workaround is to disable the OPcache, which is enabled by default. It is a setting in php.ini file.

The question […]

CQL data types

CQL defines built-in data types for columns. The counter type is unique.+ Enclose ASCII text, timestamp, and inet values in single quotation marks. Enclose names of a keyspace, table, or column in double quotation marks. — JAVA TYPES The Java types, from which most CQL types are derived, are obvious to Java programmers. The derivation […]

ispconfig3 ports

Hard drive speed test using Linux command line and hdparm

I will use /dev/sdc as our testing block device. Note that all tests should be run multiple times and average time should be calculated to get more accurate result.

Bypassing hard drive’s buffer cache memory thus reading directly from the disk.

Read data from the second half of the disk that is if the […]