illustrates reading and writing text data

Mastering Visual C# .NET
by Jason Price, Mike Gunderloy

Publisher: Sybex;
ISBN: 0782129110

  Example15_16.cs illustrates reading and writing text data

using System;
using System.IO;

public class Example15_16 

  public static void Main() 

    // create a new file to work with
    FileStream outStream = File.Create("c:TextTest.txt");

    // use a StreamWriter to write data to the file
    StreamWriter sw = new StreamWriter(outStream);

    // write some text to the file
    sw.WriteLine("This is a test of the StreamWriter class");

    // flush and close

    // now open the file for reading
    StreamReader sr = new StreamReader("c:TextTest.txt");

    // read the first line of the file into a buffer and display it
    string FirstLine;
    FirstLine = sr.ReadLine();

    // clean up




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