national hero of Azerbaijani – Mübariz İbrahimov

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Mubariz Ibrahimov was born February 7, 1988, He worked for Special Forces under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan. After 2 years working at special forces he was demobilized from army and he had been worked in the self-employed  for 2 years. in 2009 he joined again army of azerbaijani which part of   army station located at line between armenian and azerbaijani.

But real history now starting, on 19 june 2010 night  23.30 he had been crossed one kilometer mined land by himself. At that time nobody did’nt know anything about what he was doing.
and he had been crossed one km mined land by himself.  when he did it.  He started to kill 45 armenian officer and soldier. He was using armenian guns and ammunitions. After his attack on armenian forces. He killed by armenian officers. After killing of ibrahimov   armenian soldiers afraid of his dead body and they  tied his hands.

The history of mubariz ibrahimov.  Translated by kutay zorlu

Photos of   mubariz ibrahimov.

Mübariz İbrahimov photo

Mübariz Reis İbrahimov photo

Mübariz İbrahimov

Mübariz İbrahimov photo

Armenians  afraid of his dead body ..

Mübariz İbrahimov photo

Mübariz İbrahimov photo

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