Git Annex

What is Git Annex ? git-annex is not a backup system. It may be a useful component of an archival system, or a way to deliver files to a backup system. For a backup system that uses git and that git-annex supports storing data in, see bup.git-annex is not a filesystem or Dropbox clone. However, […]

XML Web Services related Specs

Resource: Oracle

Installation of the lrzip on the linux via terminal


Install gdrive terminal on linux ubuntu


Best Css code samples with applied examples

Example 1 ( change the style of a title element with CSS)

Example 2 ( )     Example 3 (  )         Example 4 (  )   Example 5 (  )   Example 6 (  )   Example 7 (  )   Example 8 (  )     Example 4 […]

PHP xdebug install

First of all install the  php-devel ,   or php56w-devel