Linux Sound Card HDMI problems

1.  How can I change the default audio device from command line? Normally Gui of Ubuntu allows you to do that  (System->Preferences->Sound), like the default input/output device and setting the volume.       If that not works

2. Use The AlsaMixer  F1 – Help F2 – System Information F6 – Select Sound Card […]

HttpClient : Apache Http Client

Apache HttpClient



Example 2

Example 3_



IKVM.NET is an implementation of Java for Mono and the Microsoft .NET Framework. It includes the following components: A Java Virtual Machine implemented in .NET A .NET implementation of the Java class libraries Tools that enable Java and .NET interoperability Read more about what you can do with IKVM.NET  

Session Management


Logout Example


FaceRecognition SDK

Real-time biometric authentication systems allowing the user to log in by simply looking into a webcam. FaceSDK enables touchless, non-intrusive biometric authentication; Time and attendance control systems; Video-based subject identification applications with no prior enrolment; Video surveillance systems with automatic face identification; Image organizers with face-based image search; Face animation effects for the entertainment industry; […]